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I feel the aura of disgust from you.
I have become a despised thing.

Loneliness consumes my very being; the silence is deafening.
I am utterly alone among many. Oh, wretched man that I am!
When will I be accepted?

When will this distain for my very presence serve it’s sentence out in full and declare me free from the chains of contempt?

My face I cannot behold, for it is veiled in shame.
My hope has poured out of me as a fine wine has spilled upon the dust of the earth and is no more.

But You Lord saw me and had compassion for me.
You have rescued me from this pit of despair.
You have not turned Your face from me.
You alone are my salvation.

You alone have redeemed me from disdain.
This shame has been lifted from me in Your love.

My accusers are no more.

Douglas E Bliss

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Just a REMINDER! Your Reason for Being is . . .

Paul encouraged believers. It was absolutely a miracle that they accepted him and listened to him. The early believers extended supernatural grace to Paul (their former persecutor) – grace they had only received through their faith in Jesus Christ. Only by God’s grace is one made righteous and not of works.

When most people chose to retire, Paul instead decided to evangelize an untamed frontier. In his God adventure evangelistic tours, he traveled over 20,000 miles – he didn’t have an RV which makes it more amazing the distance he covered!

Paul confirmed the gospel and encouraged believers to stay on the right path. He cast a vision for them for the future and invited them to be a part in accomplishing it. He reminded them of their reason for being.

“When churches take their eyes off the horizon, the inevitable result is what can be called a ‘survivor mentality’. Rather than accomplishing the plans of God to redeem and transform His creation, they forget their reason for being . . . Meanwhile their surrounding communities hear little of Christ . . . ” (Charles Swindoll)

“I refuse to be ashamed of sharing the wonderful message of God’s liberating power unleashed in us through Christ! For I am thrilled to preach that everyone who believes is saved – the Jew first, and then people everywhere!”

(Romans 1:16 TPT)

~ Lady Esther