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The Mask of Hypocrisy

“I am so very deeply saddened upon hearing that the remains of 215 First Nation children were found at a residential school in Canada and that they believe there potentially may be bodies found at all residential schools that were set up by the Canadian government and so called “Christian” churches. I have not known how to express in words my feelings of this cultural genocide. My husband wrote this poem this weekend … it helps express some of my feelings. Oh what a wicked web was weaved.” (Lady Esther)


The mask of hypocrisy is tied on
with a string of self delusion;
Resting on a face of arrogance,
there is nothing real to that which is seen.

A carefully crafted act to deceive those about them;
One that is believed by the wearer and the naive.

A great calamity awaits them.
The tower of strength they have built shall crumble and fall.
They shall become lowly and humbled for their pride is a stench before man and God.

It is a terminal prognosis to the one who wears it.
Their soul is darkened by the lust of self glorification.
They sit and judge the vulnerable and true while they heap weights of contempt upon them.

© Douglas E Bliss

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